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Transforming a room into an environment is our mission. Choosing photos from past projects was not an easy task. We have 9 portfolios of pictures at the studio so this is just a fraction of what you can see there. Please feel free to view some of the artistry that Axelband Decorative Paint Finishes & Murals can add to a home. Call to make an appointment to see the rest at our studio where the environment there is always friendly, creative, exciting and inspiring. We can help you with your faux and mural ideas to make your project be everything you dreamed of and more.
Children's Rooms and Fun Rooms

Children’s Rooms and Fun Rooms
Whimsical rooms can be as fun as they are sophisticated. Creating an entire scene in a child’s room or playroom can excite the awareness of children keeping them amused and feeling very special. Even borders or murals on only part of a room can make a simple room unique. Whether the mural is fantasy or realistic, we always add a touch of humor and meaningful themes to customize it for our clients.


Decorative Design

Decorative Design
Painting design work on ceilings or walls creates a room that is interesting to be in and very custom. It draws attention to the architectural details of a room. Ceilings, beams, niches or walls are enhanced when decorative designs are painted on them. Design elements, colors and textures from the fabrics in the rooms are brought together in the designs. As in everything we paint, every design and every project is different and has its own unique design needs.


Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes
We provide some of the most beautiful background faux finishes that enhances and soften any space and help accent fabrics and artwork. We also do bolder finishes that create more of a statement and mood to a room. Our finishes give another dimension to a room for a custom look unparalleled with flat paint or wallpaper. Painted finishes offer the most versatile, cost-effective solution to visually enlarging or reducing a space. We thrive on creating new finishes, most are unique to our studio, using whatever mediums might work to help us achieve the goal for the area. Whether it is old world, transitional or contemporary, our painted finishes exhibit an unlimited range of colors and patterns to work within the parameters of the look desired.


Frescoes can be used in an old world or transitional setting. While they
can be done in techniques most resembling true frescoes of Europe,
it can also be uniquely used in contemporary rooms. We have use
textures, rubs or chemicals to give that washed and truly frescoed look.
Gold Leaf Gilding

Gold Leaf Gilding
The art of gilding has a mystique about it, but is a beautiful look, unparalleled with any other medium. Whether gold, silver, copper or variegated there is nothing quite like it. Variegated leaf is special and very unique leaves that comes from Italy, Germany or China with gorgeous colors and subtle patterns that naturally happen in the creation of each leaf. Once we apply it we then put glazes on them to enhance it. The result is extraordinary. Unique to our studio, we also design patterns using the gold leaf, creating very elegant walls or ceilings.



Marbling is an art that is more artistic than most finishes. To truly look like marble it takes several layers to create the depth and realism. Europeans have been painting marble for centuries and painting a very loosely interpretive marble might be just the artistic touch columns, baseboards, crown moldings or doors need. We can defy the shape and make anything look like any marble. We also match switch plates to marble backsplashes with such exacting detail that they are even hard to find.


Metallic Finishes & Textured Finishes

Metallic Finishes and Textured Finishes
Metallic finishes are specialty finishes that can look like tarnished copper, brass, silver or gold. Using various techniques very interesting looks can be created. There are many different kinds of textured finishes, from stenciled 3 dimensional designs to embedded finishes. We always challenge ourselves to create more eclectic finishes to provide one of a kind looks.


Murals & Trompe Loeil

Murals & Trompe L’oeil
Tromp L’oeil is a French term meaning “to trick the eye”. Tromp L’oeil is the line between fantasy & reality, a trick of perspective that turns two dimensional into the three dimensional. Painting a scene so that it looks like the wall is open to the painted environment giving the room the illusion of depth and space. Our murals range from very detailed paintings in any style to impressionistic paintings that bring a sophisticated theatrical air to a room. We often include the client’s personal interests into the scenes to delight and surprise. When designing a mural we consider the use of the room, the light in which the mural will be viewed, the mood desired, the viewing distance and the colors, textures and motifs that must interrelate with the environment. Murals can be painted inside or outside and give a real sense of style and atmosphere to any wall or ceiling. Done well, as we do them, can make a huge impact and be enjoyed for years to come.


Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster has been used for generations, even dating back to ancient Rome. We custom color the highest quality Venetian Plaster from Italy that contains ground limestone and marble dust in a lime emulsion. After toweling many layers, the walls can range in sheen and texture from a smooth highly polished marble-like finish to a dull and stone like Tuscan or frescoes appearance. Walls with our Venetian Plaster have depth and character and is chosen by designers for old world or modern settings. It is a high end and luxurious finish that is very versatile.


Wood Graining & Exotic Finishes
Wood Graining & Exotic Finishes
“Faux Bois,” the French term for wood graining, is an art form that we love to do and do extremely well. Whether we are simulating any kind of wood or painting tiger maple in the 18th century techniques, we are exacting and highly successful. Wood graining a marquetry floor, furniture or doors and trim, you can not tell which is real and which is “faux bois” when we are done. Of course exotic finishes like tortoise, birds eye, lapis lazuli, malachite and many others are our specialties and we truly excel in them.


Phil's Art
Phil Axelband's Original Artwork
This is a collection of original art work by Phil. Inspired by American quilt designs, they are very detailed and graphic, exploring the senses of color, texture and design. The impact is strong and mesmerizing with extraordinary detail in every piece. Executed with a media of varied colored plasters, the surface has a soft glow to it creating a unique depth to each. These originals are for sale, but commissions are also accepted to coordinate with your own sense of decor and color.
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