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About UsInspired by a passion for art and a flair for the unconventional, we have unlimited courage to combine multiple mediums and techniques to achieve innovative effects on virtually any surface. Our finishes are suitable for walls, floors, ceilings, trim, cabinetry and architectural elements. We are capable of handling projects ranging from dramatic accents through entire homes of any size and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service with individual and business integrity. The thrill of getting to know our clients and learning the feeling they are trying to achieve in their homes is our biggest inspiration. Our relationship with clients and their designer turns into an end result they are thrilled with.

About UsBari and Phil have been married for 35 years. While always involved in the arts, Phil purchased his first antique piece at 15 years old. By the time we were married in the mid 70’s we were selling American Antiques and traveling around the country providing private collectors with 18th and early 19th century antiques in original painted surfaces and our love for the painted surface started growing. Placing antiques into settings for collectors, it seemed a natural gravitation toward combining the love of paint into the interior settings, and once our son Paul was born we were already experimenting with faux finishes.

We studied with Ina and Alan Marx at the Finishing School in NY, Faux Effects and several other studios in the NY area. After completing many projects in NY, NJ and Conn. residences, we moved our family and studio to Florida in 1987 where designers and builders started using our faux finishes and murals extensively. Our company and reputation quickly grew and 22 years later, The Axelband faux family has grown, along with our team of talented artisans who have trained with us for many years.

Our red barn studio houses 9 portfolios of our work and over 1000 sample boards, with new ones being created all the time. Traveling throughout Europe, our extensive library of photographs and books always inspire us with the beauty and textures from old buildings to contemporary ideas. Our creative team helps with concepts, reference and inspiration to make the design journey for you easy and successful..

The paths we follow on our journey through life, makes us who we are today…

Paul Axelband
Growing up in such a creative home inspired me to appreciate music and art and its many forms. While I have always played guitar, my love for decorative painting has also always been nourished. Working in the studio from an early age taught me to always strive for detail and excellence. Getting a marketing degree at The University of Central Florida has helped in the business by reaching out and expanding our horizons. Traveling through the U.S. and Europe with my wife, observing art and cultures is very inspirational and educational and I bring that knowledge to our studio. I am always studying and learning about new products and techniques while trying to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing decorative paint art form. I have a passion for creating new and exciting finishes. I strive for what our clients are looking for and finishes that reflects the styles of interiors today.


Bari Axelband
Growing up around NYC, museums and art were a big part of my childhood. After winning the top award at Fashion Institute of Technology art school in NYC, I had a prosperous 15 years designing textiles. Always utilizing space and color relationships, my sense of design became very keen. Painting on canvas or rice paper, to 50 ft. walls and 25 foot ceilings, the relationship between space and color and the attention to detail is the same, only on a bigger scale. My passion is to design murals and faux finishes on interior projects to help create an atmosphere that make the homeowner feel completely comfortable and thrilled with their living space.


Phil Axelband
“The Arts” is a multi-faceted term for expressing oneself. I have expressed myself through music and art. As a trumpet player I graduated college from Manhattan School of Music in 1976 with a degree in music performance. Playing music on weekends left weekdays open for traveling and seeking out 18th and 19th century antiques and learning the art of the painted surface. Having a great grandfather who was a decorative painter and artisan in Russia, I feel like the decorative arts are in my blood. I strive for perfection, organization, creativity and uniqueness for every job we do. Serving our clients with individual attention for details and great workmanship is the pride that has become our trademark.


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